What is the ClubStick?®

Chances are you've seen a ClubStick on your local course, or overheard someone talk about getting one... but you have no idea what it is!

At its heart, the ClubStick is a convenient way to carry three golf clubs anywhere on the course. The ClubStick was invented so you could leave your bag or cart in a safe and convenient spot, while still allowing you to keep a selection of clubs close at hand.

Most players will use the ClubStick to carry their putter, wedge, and 9-iron to the green. But, in fact, this product allows you a lot more flexibility than just streamlining your short play. Just think about the times you had to leave your golf cart behind due to too soggy fairways, and get over to the ball only to have brought the wrong club for the lie. Plus, the extra clubs you brought will get wet if you drop them. But, if you use a ClubStick, the clubs stay dry and you can chose any of three clubs.

Whatever the need, your short-range or fairway clubs lock into place on the durable synthetic frame, while the rest of your clubs stay in the cart or back at your bag. What makes the ClubStick special is the spike on the bottom and its light weight (only 1/2 lb). Press the ClubStick into the turf, and voila - your clubs stand up tall, out of the grass and dry, and easy to see!

The ClubStick greatly improves your golfing experience by letting you focus less on managing your gear, and more on managing your swing. How can such a simple device have such a profound impact on your game?

  1. No more lost clubs - The ClubStick watches your clubs while you watch your ball go in the hole. With your golf clubs stuck to the ClubStick, you'll never lose another stray club. And if you manage to leave the whole ClubStick behind, the erect ClubStick will be easy to spot from the next tee, no longer hidden in the grass.
  2. No more bending over - Standing vertically, the ClubStick keeps all three clubs in easy reach. You won't have to bend over 50 times a game just to gather your clubs. Keep your back healthy and your swing pristine.
  3. No more wet clubs - Moist grass is your clubs' worst enemy, but the ClubStick will keep your clubs high and dry. Increase the lifespan of your favorite clubs and keep the grip dry for the next swing.
  4. Get the right club every time - The ClubStick lets you carry more clubs with you when you have to leave the cart or your bag. This allows you to bring several clubs, and pick the right club once you take a closer look at the shot. No more running back to retrieve the right club!
  5. No more rushing your swing - By simplifying your short game, the ClubStick noticeably speeds up your round of golf. Golf with the ClubStick and build a comfortable lead over the next foursome, and not feel rushed.

As we all know, golf is a game of simultaneous focus and relaxation. By reducing the stress from trivial tasks of managing your clubs, the ClubStick will allow you to devote more time and energy to mastering your stroke, perfecting your putt, and making your overall game the best it can possibly be.

Stick your clubs to the ClubStick!